TACAIDS website aims at disseminating and sharing of HIV and AIDS information and experience among stakeholders for proper implementation of various programs.

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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


The following are Development Partners supporting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania:

  1. Government of Tanzania
  2. International Development Association - World Bank
  3. Global Fund
  4. Belgium Technical Cooperation
  5. United Nations AIDS
  6. United Nations International Children Education Fund
  7. World Food Programme
  8. World Health Organization
  9. Food Agricultural Organization
  10. French Embassy
  11. Department For International Development
  12. Sweden International Development Association
  13. Japan International Cooperation Assistance
  14. Canadian International Development Association
  15. NORAD - Norway Development Association
  16. Development Cooperation of Ireland (DCI)
  17. DANIDA - Danish Development Association
  18. Royal Netherlands Embassy
  19. United Nations Development Programme
  20. United Nations Fund for Population
  21. United State of America Government
  22. European Union
  23. Germany Technical Cooperation
  24. Swiss Development Cooperation